Vectornator Update: X3 on macOS

Vectornator Update: X3 on macOS

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Say Hello to X3: Now on macOS

Here at Vectornator, we have always aimed to make high-performance graphic design software. That means having the best in-app experience across all devices. It shouldn’t matter which Apple device our users prefer to use, we want to ensure the highest level of quality across the Apple ecosystem. The macOS is central to that aim. That is why our newest update, Vectornator X3, is now also available for macOS.

With the X3 update, we are expanding further on that track-record and adding even more highly requested features in the UX department! Vectornator on macOS is about to get a whole lot better.

‍Why should you be excited? ‍

Take your designs to the next level with this feature-packed update. On macOS, we have incredible new additions like a tweaked UI, better guides, interface themes and a new native saving system for all of our Mac users! We can not wait for you to try this latest new & improved version of Vectornator. On top of all of that, X3 includes a large number of Improvements & Bug Fixes aimed at drastically improving the user experience on a Mac.

🔍 New Features:

Thanks to the X3 update, Vectornator on macOS is getting a major facelift as well as a new engine!

Light Theme

The Dark Themed UI welcomes a new friend. You now have the ability to choose which theme fits your preference the best. With the Light UI, we aim to eliminate negative afterimage experiences for users working in well-lit environments. With less strain on your eyes, you’ll be able to work for a longer time within Vectornator and be more productive.

To change to Light Theme, open Settings. Go to Canvas Tab and click on Choose The Theme. Select from the options menu of 1) Use System 2) Always Dark and 3) Always Light. Select Always Light.

Moving elements between Artboards

With X3, design will feel much smoother. The ability to move elements from one artboard to another is an important step in the process of making illustrations or changes in UI design.

Simply select the element on the given Artboard. Then, open and navigate the Layers Tab. Finally, drag & drop from Artboard 1 to Artboard 2 to speed up your workflow.‍

💯 Improvements:

Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about the older features. They too will be much better with the X3 update.

Enhanced Rulers and Smart Guides

With this enhancement, both Rulers & Smart Guides will both be much smoother and more accurate. For precision oriented design, rulers will remain fixed in their exact location. On top of that, they will adjust to scale up and down according to your design workflow. Additionally, Smart Guide handling is significantly better.

To add a guide, tap on the Ruler and drag it to set the Guide. The helpful blue colored lines will become visible which will guide you in your design. To deselect, simply drag the Smart Guide outside the canvas.

Improved Layers Management

Now you can copy and paste Layers as well as select and duplicate multiple Layers at once. This makes the design process much faster and easier. Users can quickly copy and paste elements they like or duplicate several layers at once to optimize for speed and effort when designing.

🛠 Bug Fixes:

Say goodbye to these pesky bugs. They won’t be bothering you again.

Layer Edit Mode

Problems with certain Layer Edit Mode functions such as Mass Delete not working is fixed. These functions are now fully operational.

Auto Trace

The process of automating manual tracing is no longer laggy. Now, when a new image is imported, Vectornator will automatically suggest to trace it for the user with a single tap without issues.

Native Code on macOS

On the Mac, saving is now done exclusively on native code and no longer with our iOS codebase.

Download X3 Now!

We are excited for you to try everything we talked about and experience an improved Vectornator on mac.

Please feel free to let us know what you think and share how you feel! We are always happy to connect with members of our community.
If you enjoy using our new Update Vectornator X3, please rate the App and share your review.

Thank you for being part of our community!

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