Say Hello to Vectornator Pro for Mac!

Say Hello to Vectornator Pro for Mac!

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Vectornator on all iPad, iOS, and iMac.

Vectornator is the all-in-one graphic design tool and with Vectornator Pro, we are making a big and exciting leap to bring our popular iPad software that captured your hearts onto the Mac - a platform that is widely used and loved by designers from all around the world.

"Vectornator Pro captures the same forward-thinking design workflow from Vectornator X and elevates the user experience to a whole new level with the Mac."

Your Design Workflow Comes Full Circle

With the macOS release, Vectornator has come full circle and will finally be available across the entire Apple ecosystem — excluding the precious Apple Watch ⌚️😄.

This offers a great level of versatility and mobility for our users.Now you could start a detailed illustration on Mac with the trackpad and then easily switch to the iPad to draw with the Apple pencil. And in case you were away from their design workstation, you can even do some last-minute changes to your projects on your iPhone!

vectornator apple ecosystem
Illustration by @muhammedsajid.n

Flexibility is Key

By combining our set of powerful vector tools with a wide range of features like Artboards, Auto Trace, Boolean Operations, and more, our software gives you a flexible design workflow to create different types of designs. All inside one document, under one software: Vectornator Pro.

Vectornator Pro is your home for all things “Design”!
vectornator gallery

We have seen users rely on Vectornator in all kinds of design cases such as branding, logos, websites, user interfaces, apps, icons, typography, posters, even in architecture! And, we cannot wait to see what new opportunities Vectornator Pro on Mac will bring! 🎉🎊

Performance of a Pro Machine

We built Vectornator Pro with speed and smoothness in mind. Our metal accelerated real-time rendering engine runs on the 64Bit architecture and delivers a truly professional performance that makes Vectornator worthy of its Pro name-tag! ✓

This means tracing images in seconds and working with large documents with hundreds of art-boards, strokes and objects without any lag!

vectornator pro in use

What About Vectornator Updates?

Thanks to our unified codebase, we are able to ship all of Vectornator’s new features across all three platforms. It also means that we can ship faster updates to everyone!

We are also working hard on some exciting features like Real-Time Collaboration and many other things that we can't wait to share with you soon 😉.

Get it Now!

Vectornator Pro is now available in the Mac App Store.

Your feedback and advice has been key to build a product that we all love to use and rely on💓!

You can also request some features over here.

Use the hashtag #Vectornator and tag us on Social Media and help us spread the word about Vectornator Pro for Mac!

Thanks for reading!

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