Vectornator Essential Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our essential tips and tricks! In this article we explore the latest and greatest tips and tricks about our latest 2.0 release that will help you work and design better and faster on Vectornator!

1. Show / Hide Inspector

Slide from the right side of the screen to reveal the last opened inspector tab. Slide the title bar of the inspector away to hide the inspector.

Slide to show/hide Inspector.[

2. Precision Sliders

We designed our new sliders with a new precision sliding feature. Move your finger away (above or below the slider) while sliding, to move slower and more accurately on the slider. Now you can set your desired value much more precisely!

Move finger away from slider for more accuracy.

3. Gradient Editor

A. Simply tap on an empty area in the gradient editor to add a new color point. Slide a color point away to delete.

Tap to add color point, swipe out the color point to remove.

B. Double tap in the middle of the gradient editor to distribute color points.

Double tap middle of gradient editor to distribute color points.

C. Slide across the middle area of the gradient editor to flip the color points.

Swipe across gradient editor to flip color points.

D. Drag a gradient handle on the canvas to change the position and angle of a gradient.

Drag gradient handles to change angle and position.

4. Compass

Our new compass is a beautiful new indicator which shows you the current zoom state and rotation on your canvas, tapping once on the compass will reset your zoom and rotation back to default.

Tap compass to reset zoom and rotation. (Illustration by ©Sandra Bowers)

5. Selection

A. To select multiple objects, tap the plus button next to the selection tool on the toolbar and start selecting your objects.

Tap plus to select multiple objects.

B. To select layers or sublayers, apply a long swipe across the layer from any side. Long swipe a selected layer again to deselect.

slide layer
Slide layer to select / deselect.

C. While the selection tool is active, tap the duplicate button to enable duplicate mode. Now you can drag any object to create a duplicate of it.

duplicate mode
Enable duplicate mode in the selection tool.

D. While drawing or resizing objects, hold the canvas with a second finger in order to lock the aspect ratio of the shape. Now you can resize while maintaining the aspect ratio, and draw perfect circles, squares and more.

Hold with a second finger to lock aspect ratio.

6. Your Own Template Library

To create your own templates, select the desired object and press the plus button located on top of the templates tab. It will save your object to your templates library. From there you can drag or tap on your templates to insert them into your canvas.

Press plus to add selected object to library. (Illustration by ©Kate Remedio)

7. Change Node Type

A. In the node selection tool, double tap on a node to change type. This way you can easily switch between flat and asymmetrical node handles.

node type
Double tap a node to change type.

B. If you want to have disconnected node handles, start dragging a node handle and hold the canvas with a second finger to disconnect the handles. Now both handles move independently from one another.

finger node
Hold with another finger on the canvas to move handles independently.

Thank you for reading our latest tips and tricks blog. Which tip did you find the most useful?

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