Vectornator Academy: Become a Master of Design

Vectornator Academy: Become a Master of Design

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Introducing Vectornator Academy!

Our new educational video hub catered to Vectornator users at every level.

Hey there, Vectornators!

We have an exciting update to share. Vectornator Academy is finally here!

Whether you’re new to Vectornator or you’re already using it as part of your professional workflow, there’s always room to grow by improving your skills, right?

That’s why we created Vectornator Academy, a free online library of video tutorials and courses for graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone else who wants to get started in the world of vector design.

When you visit the page, you can filter all Vectornator Academy courses and tutorials by skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and the device you prefer to work on (iPad or Mac).

Where Should I Begin?

For total beginners, our Get Started with Vectornator course is a brilliant place to start your learning journey.

In just 12 lessons, you’ll learn all about vectors and why you should design with them, plus a total overview of the Vectornator interface and its tools. Once you’re ready, we included two simple drawing tutorials for you to try: How to Draw a Leaf and How to Draw Flowers.

Choose Your Crash Course

If you’re already familiar with using vectors in your design work, but you’re not too familiar with Vectornator yet, we suggest taking one of our beginner-friendly crash courses.

Depending on the device you’re using, you can choose between the Vectornator Mac 101: Crash Course or the Vectornator iPad 101: Crash Course.

Each video series takes you through our interface, as well as each feature, tool, and setting in our app. Once you’re comfortable using Vectornator, the real fun starts with tutorials.

Practice Makes Perfect

The Vectornator Academy is home to 45 exciting tutorials covering pretty much every design project you can think of, from character design to typography.

For illustrators, you can learn How to Draw a Hands, How to Design Children’s Book Illustrations, and much more. Every tutorial is guided by our in-house designers and talented collaborators.

For graphic designers, you can learn How to Vectorize Procreate Lettering. We also have tutorials on designing logos, icon packs, and business cards.

You’ll find all the learning material you need for developing a blossoming career as a designer.

Check out all of the Vectornator Academy tutorials here.

And if you haven't already, download Vectornator to start learning!

Download Vectornator to Get Started

Take your designs to the next level.

Ready to sharpen your skill set? Visit Vectornator Academy today and access all of our videos for free. And don’t forget to check out our Learning Hub for even more updated information on our tools and features.

Happy learning, Vectornators!

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