Vectornator 4.3

Vectornator 4.3

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Hey Vectornators!

Our new 4.3.0 update for Vectornator is here!

We’ve made a lot of exciting improvements in this new release, and we’re really excited to show you the changes we’ve made. This update is all about making your life easier. New Apple technologies have allowed us to make a variety of quality-of-life changes, and we’ve also taken this opportunity to improve a few things in the Vectornator UI.

Changes for iOS 15

You may have noticed that iOS just got an update. And we’ve wasted no time in bringing you improvements that are specifically designed to take advantage of the new iOS technology.

Overlay Windows

Overlay Windows feature

On iPad, we now support overlay windows. This means that any link you would open with Vectornator will now open in a new window centered over your Vectornator screen, which is perfect for quickly previewing the content without leaving your current view.

You can also swipe down on the multitasking control to put your window into the shelf or create a Split View. Now, you can design in Vectornator and read your tutorial at the same time. This is also awesome news for illustration artists who like to use reference photos!

Using Split View, you can also drag and drop any image you find in your browser directly into Vectornator!

On iPhone, the Quick Settings and Exports are now displayed as a draggable sheet.

We’ve also updated the resizing handles with a new design, and added an XL Widget to the home screen.

Changes for macOS

It’s a good day to be a  Mac user. We’ve made some exciting changes here!

The Inspector

Collapsible Inspector feature

First, we’ve completely redesigned the Inspector on macOS. The Stroke, Fill, and Shadow sections within it are now collapsible menus, which declutters your workspace and makes it easier to focus on what you’re working on. You can toggle each one individually, depending on your current task.

Read more on the Mac Learning Hub ->

Quality of Life Improvements

Arrow start and end pop-up button

Now, when you're changing the end or start of an arrow, there’s a pop-up button.

We’ve also made a few more assorted UI and UX improvements that you probably won’t notice, but will definitely make your overall Vectornator experience more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to download Vectornator today and try out the new update!

Until next time, Vectornators.

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