Ben Barnhart

Ben Barnhart

April 29, 2021
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Vectornator 4.1

Thanks to Vectornator’s new file format, we’ve implemented a lot of performance improvements in this update. 

April 29, 2021
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Hey Vectornators! 

Our goal is to make Vectornator the best design platform in the Apple ecosystem. Speed and functionality are two of our most important pillars.

Our team has been hard at work making Vectornator faster and easier to use for everyone. In this update, we’ve made some major improvements to the way our documents operate “under the hood”. Here’s the breakdown of the new changes:

New File Format

We’ve updated Vectornator with a completely new type of file format. What does that mean for you?

Faster Loading & Saving

Your Vectornator files will now open much faster. During testing, the new Vectornator files opened 75% faster on average.

We have also improved the speed of saving a file. Our tests showed that Vectornator files now save 19% faster on average.

Lower Memory Footprint

This new file type drastically reduces Vectornator’s memory footprint. 

With this update, the performance of the app has improved. Vectornator should now run much more smoothly, especially on older devices.

Our tests discovered that the memory footprint for opening files has been reduced by 80% on average. Additionally, the memory footprint for saving files has been reduced by 27% on average. This translates to increased stability while you're working, especially with large files. 

Smaller File Size

Your Vectornator documents now take up much less space on your device. This allows you to create and store more documents than you’ve ever been able to before.

We tested the new Vectornator file format on many different sizes and kinds of artwork. On average, the new Vectornator file format reduced the file size of these projects by 23%

We’re excited about this update. While it may seem like a small change, this update lays the foundation for many improvements in the future. With this new file format for Vectornator files, we’ll be able to deliver better features to you at a faster pace than ever.

Important Note

It’s important to keep in mind that the documents you open and create in Vectornator 4.1 will not be compatible with earlier versions of the app. Make sure to update to the latest version on all your devices (and encourage other people you know to do the same).

We want to be constantly improving the quality of our software. Feel free to ask us questions, give us feedback & share your ideas with us. We’re always happy to connect with members of our community. 

If you're not using Vectornator yet, try it out today!

Contact us directly in Vectornator or via email. If you enjoy using Vectornator, please rate the app and share your review. 

Thank you for being part of our community!

Until next time. 🚀


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