The Scissors Tool

Inside Vectornator X

One of the best things when working with vectors is the ability to editing your elements anytime you want to. In any vector design software, there are many basic tools to help you to transform your design as the Scissors Tool.

The Scissors Tool can be used to cut away segments from any existing vector shapes. In Vectornator you can activate this function, simply tapping the Scissors you find inside the Action Bar.


How to cut your vector shape

Tap to select your shape with the Node Tool, then tap the Scissors Tool. To cut your shape, tap on the edges to create a new Anchor Point in that specific place, then tap on another point to separate your shape.You can use Guides to be more precise with the exact point where you want the shape to be cut.

How to use the Scissors Tool
Ill. by @balan.arts

You can also find a step-by-step tutorial about the Vectornator Scissors Tool on our YouTube Channel:

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks Article about Gestures you can use with Vectornator X on your iPad or with Vectornator Pro on your Mac, go to take a look!

If you have more questions concerning the Vectornator Scissors Tool or general questions than feel free to contact us via Spectrum.

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