The new Layers Tab

For Vectornator X we worked on a new redesign of our entire software starting with the interface. Everything now feels fluid and smooth thanks to the new card-based document manager, and the swiping between tabs. Vectornator X is easier to navigate, it’s faster, and it simply works better.

Today we’re focusing on the new Layers Tab that has been completely redesigned too.

What’s new?

To open the Layers Tab, tap on the fourth icon from the left in the Inspector Bar.

Vectornator's new layers tab

On the right, you can see how the new Layers Tab appears now. ( Ill. by @maddastic)

We added a few new gestures that will speed your workflow and allow you to navigate your layers panel efficiently.

Creating a new Layer and rename it

Tap the first icon from the right inside the header section of the Layer Tab to create a new layer. The new layer will be inserted above the current layer.


Usually, your layers will be given sequentially numbered titles as you can see above, so tap again on the layer’s name to rename it.

When you import any image, Vectornator also recognizes image layers thanks to Apple’s machine learning framework CoreML and it auto-renames the layer to what it thinks its content depicts.


In photo: Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater House

Lock & Hide a Layer

Tap the Lock/Unlock icon to let your objects stay in place.

Tap the Hide/Show icon to visualize your layer’s elements and keep editing it.

look and hide layer

Layer Selection

Tap a layer to select it or swipe from left to right for multi selection.

layer selection

To select a sublayer, tap on the main Layer to open it and then simply tap on every single element to select it.

layers tab

Layer Opacity

Tap a layer to select it and slide your finger on the Opacity slider to change the opacity of the elements instantly.

layer opacity

Layer Editing

Swipe to the left on a layer to access three options: Export, Duplicate, Delete.

Export: With Vectornator X, you can finally export one single layer with a tap without leaving your canvas or copy-paste your objects into a new document. You can export your single layer as .jpg, .png, .svg, .pdf, .AI, and of course .vectornator files.

Duplicate: Tap the icon to duplicate this layer immediately above the original one. This is a great option to consider for new changes without affecting the original.

Delete: Easily delete any layer with a tap, but be careful because this is final!

layer editing

Moving Layers

Tap and hold the layer you want to move drag it up or down to change the order of your illustration’s layers. You can also easily move more than one layer at once.

moving layers

Last but not least, in Vectornator you can have how many layers you want!

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks article about the amazing new feature Auto Trace, go to take a look!

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