The Masking Tool

We all agree that there should be more tutorials like these Tips&Tricks articles but what should be the next one? How to prioritize them? What’s more important? To answer all those questions, last week we asked you because Vectornator is your tool and we think that it is really important to listen to our community’s wishes.

So, here comes the most requested one: How to use the Masking Tool in Vectornator.

What is a Mask in a vector software?

Masks are used to show parts of an object into a specific shape.

what is a mask

Also, you can quickly apply a mask to an image you have imported to give it a beautiful texture or pattern.

created with the masking tool of vectornator
Ill. by @maddastic

Creating a mask

Any closed shape can be turned into a mask. To do so, select the element you want to mask plus the shape you want to have as a mask.

Note: Remember that the top object will be always the Mask Shape.

Then, open the Path Tab and tap the Mask button.

creating a mask

In Vectornator, you will immediately recognize if there’s a mask thanks to a letter M that shows up at the bottom corner of your masked object.

ui design with the masking tool

Editing a mask

To edit the Mask Shape, you simply have to double-tap on it.

Then double-tap again an empty area to exit from the isolated state.

Editing a path in the masking tool

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks article on How to use Gradients, check it out! If you have any further questions regarding the masking tool feel free to ask us and the community on Spectrum.

And, let us know what do you want to learn next!

– Your Vectornator Team

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