Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a must-have for a professional design workflow.

Getting to know your shortcuts in Vectornator will help you get things done much faster and will help create a productive and smooth user experience.

Each design tool has its own distinctive keyboard shortcuts that designers are used to. So it has been a great challenge for us to find the right shortcuts for our users. Of course, most of the basic shortcuts you know to, work exactly as you expected in Vectornator. All the copy, paste, cut, delete functions are here. Starting with single keystrokes, you can easily switch between your tools.

Here's an overview of our Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts-Basic-Color

Whether it's your Mac butterfly switches or your iPad's smart keyboard, all shortcuts work seamlessly across all your devices.Before you go, here is a detailed list of our shortcuts:


A Selection

S Direct Selection

E Eraser

W Freehand (Pencil)

P Pen

B Brush

X Scissor

T Text

H Hand

R Rectangle

L Line

O Circle

I Eyedropper

⇧ R Rotation

⇧S Scaling

⇥ (tab)Previous Tool

File Menu

⌘N New

⌘W Close

⌘S Save

Path Menu

⇧⌘+ Unite

⇧⌘ -Subtract

⇧⌘E Exclude

⇧⌘I Intersect




⌃⇧C Combine

⌃⇧S Separate

⌃⇧R Reverse

⌃⇧J Join Paths

⌃⇧A Add Anchor Points

⌃⌘O Outline

⌃⌘P Text on Path

Now it's time for you to practice these shortcuts inside Vectornator.

If you have any questions, join our community on Spectrum.

Anna D'Addario

Anna D'Addario

Marketing Designer
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