Moving your Vectornator Files between iPad and Mac.

Vectornator and the Apple Ecosystem


Vectornator is now available across the entire Apple ecosystem. You could start a detailed illustration on your Mac with the trackpad and then easily switch to the iPad to draw with the Apple pencil. And if you were away from your workstation, you could even do some last-minute changes to your projects on your iPhone.

In order to deliver an all-in-one graphic design experience and a flexible workflow, we need to give our users the complete freedom to switch between their devices.

Here is how you can easily transfer your Vectornator documents across iPad, Mac, and iPhone:

1) Exporting Documents

If you are on iPad, inside the Settings (top-left of your device) you will find the Export Panel where you need to choose the Vectornator file format.

export vectornator files

If you are on the Mac, go to the Vectornator Pro home window and right-click on the document to locate it in Finder.

finder of vectornator files

2) Sending the Document to a Different Device

2.1) Sending via AirDrop

Once you have selected the Vectornator format, use AirDrop to send your files to the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. AirDrop allows you to send files across Apple’s devices in a super easy and fast way.

2.2) Access One Document via iCloud

Another option you have is to save one single document directly into your iCloud. To do that tap on the Files App icon you find inside the Export Panel and select iCloud Drive.

vectornator files

2.3) Access Multiple Documents via iCloud

Or, if you want to move several files in one go, you can select them from the Files App inside the Vectornator folder “drawings” and duplicate them in the iCloud Drive.


3) Opening the Exported Document

On Mac, open the Downloads or the iCloud folder to localize your Vectornator document. Double-tap it to open it in Vectornator Pro.On iPad or iPhone, go to the iCloud Drive folder and tap to open the desired document in the Vectornator X.

If you have any questions, join our community on Spectrum.

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Anna D'Addario

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