Anna D'Addario

Anna D'Addario

November 22, 2019
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Bonjour Paris!


One of the most beautiful parts of our job is to discover exceptional artists. We truly enjoy to find out who is behind the outstanding designs which our community creates.

In the following interview, you will find out what inspires Aurore Bay, in which way she benefits by social media, and when she prefers Vectornator over Illustrator.

November 22, 2019
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Aurore Bay
Aurore in her home studio.

When did you start illustrating?

As many Illustrator, I draw since forever. I began to work as a freelancer two years ago. Since then, I was looking for an app allowing me to make vector illustrations on my iPad. I sometimes work remotely. If I can have the lightest bag with only my iPad in it, it’s the best.

How did you discover Vectornator?

I discovered Vectornator by chance, I was playing with the new iPad Pro in an Apple Store, and the Vectornator App was installed on it. I immediately downloaded it on my iPad when I got home and started to try it.

Aurore Bay drawing with Vectornator

And, has Vectornator been easy to learn, and would you recommend it to other people?

I think it was easy to learn. I manage to discover Vectornator with one big illustration. I installed the app just before you launched Vectornator X, so I did see a difference between the old and the latest version. The new version is hugely improved and much better!

Have you utilized any of our Tutorials to help you learn the app?

I watched some of your Youtube videos before I tried to use your app. I needed to see the interface, plus compare the gestures to Procreate (two-fingers tap to undo, …).

Illustrator is my primary tool on the desktop. I already knew what to do to illustrate with vectors. I was concerned if my favorite tools were also on Vectornator.

Aurore Bay using Vectornator

What do you like most about Vectornator?

I really want to draw with my hands on the iPad. I think it’s easier to do that than to have one hand on the keyboard and the other one on the graphic tablet.

I find some of my favorite tools from Illustrator on Vectornator. But some are missing like having different brushes to choose from, or making a library of different palettes.

Talking about that, in your blog, you wrote that Vectornator might replace Illustrator, can you develop more your thought?

Illustrator is a complex and complete tool. It is really made for graphic designers. I saw some people struggling to use it, and those people wanted simply to do a little change on a logo.

In this way, Vectornator is the perfect tool for people wanting to try vector graphics quickly. (Now with the desktop version, it is even more accessible to everyone.)

Where did you find your inspiration to create your blog?

In the illustrator community on social media, many people have their own blog or video channel. It’s interesting to see how they create their website and what work they display. It’s a way of communicating differently than a feed on social media. It’s more intimate, and you can explore the personality of a designer. I had some blogs with friends when I was younger (do you remember Skyblog and Overblog ?), but it’s the first one I write on my own.

What has been your process of creating an online presence?

I don’t have a particular process, I think I’m figuring out on the way. But I can tell I’m learning a lot because I’m very on Instagram and Youtube. I now understand why Social Media Manager is a big job! I really like social media, and I like to share my illustrations with others. So creating an online presence with various media is really entertaining and exciting for me!

Aurore Bay

You mostly share your work on Instagram. Has feedback helped you to evolve your art?

Unfortunately, you don’t get much feedback on Instagram, only likes. People tell you when they like your work, but not when they dislike or when they have comments. So it’s your job to find out what is working and to improve your work accordingly. You can clearly see how my work changed by scrolling down my feed. Social media has a massive impact on what I’m doing!

What is your dream achievement as an illustrator?

I would really like to create a big illustrate fresco for a company, to colors the wall and bring some joy in the office! And also, making a fresco illustration for an Apple Store, those are always so beautiful and made by really renowned illustrators. I would be proud to be part of it!

If you are intrigued and want to see more designs by Aurore Bay, check out her Instagram, Facebook and her blog.


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