Vectornator 4.0 First Look: Redesigned Mac UX

Vectornator 4.0 First Look: Redesigned Mac UX

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Makin' it Big Sur

In our first deep dive into the 4.0 update, we're showcasing the first major change coming to Vectornator on the Mac.

We are bringing a refined macOS user experience to Vectornator, built to match Big Sur's look and interface style. As one of the first adopters of the new Apple Silicon chip technology, we feel obligated to provide our users with a product that exceeds expectations!

With Vectornator 4.0, all the interface controls use native macOS components and the entire interface has been rethought to feel like a native Mac app. But we still are committed to sharing the same code base between our tablet and desktop versions, allowing us to deliver our software updates across our three platforms (macOS, iPadOS and iOS).

Art by Natalie Tonyeva.

Total Immersion

Vectornator now has a new and very sleek modern look. The entire interface blends into the background and gives a sense of depth and immersion, starting with the new sidebar that houses the Layer tab.

Our new interface elements float above your canvas with a simple frosted glass effect that creates a feeling of immersion and allows you to focus on your work in a way that is unmatched by any other design tool out there today. We redesigned our interface elements such as our color picker, sliders, buttons, toggles, text boxes and the new Mac UI feels more native than ever!

There are more features coming in Vectornator 4.0 that will add to the immersion and the full-screen effects... a feature that lets you close the inspector and focus on creating!

Art by

New Menu Bar Options

We've set up some new setting options available in the menu bar allowing faster access to options such as Gird, snapping, rulers and guides.

Art by @manunayak999

Speaking of menu bar options, for iOS, we've taken it a step further with Quick Settings 🤫, giving you a faster access to your most used options ⚙️.

Export UI

Our refined Export UI lets you switch the file format or art-board directly inside the panel for a more seamless export experience. Now our export UI even lets you change the background color of your export!

Redesigned Mac Home Screen

Our new home screen is just beautiful. With larger thumbnails to view your recent documents with a big (+) new document button.

We also have useful links available at the bottom left corner with direct access to our learning hub, website, and more!

Plus, we added a News Section tab with access to our latest Product updates and design editorial articles.

We also updated the new document template with more native elements ✨🔨

Update Compatibility

In order to update to Vectornator 4.0, you need to update your Mac device to macOS 11 Big Sur.

"That is because Vectornator's new UX and many more exciting features coming along later this year will require macOS 11 and higher to run smoothly on your device. That is why we are making macOS Big Sur the minimum required version to run our latest 4.0 update."

Kai – Head of UX engineering

Vectornator 4.0 is coming soon!

Vectornator's macOS interface changes along with the rest of the 4.0 features will be available later in March as a free update on devices running macOS 11 Big Sur and later or iOS13 and later 📱💻.

Are you excited about Vectornator 4.0? Head into for the latest updates, please share this article and leave us a comment below and stay tuned for our next feature update coming next week!


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