M1 Macbook Pro Giveaway

M1 Macbook Pro Giveaway

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Hey Vectornators!

Have you heard about our M1 Macbook Pro giveaway?

To celebrate the launch of 4.0, we wanted to give something back to you, our users. So we're hosting an International Giveaway! We're giving away three big prizes!

macbook pro giveaway
#1 Place

The first prize is one brand new Apple M1 Macbook, and our Made with #Vectornator sticker pack, featuring five beautiful illustrations made by our community directly in Vectornator.

#2 Place

Second place will receive a $100 Amazon Voucher, one printed poster (A4) made with Vectornator by our community, and the Vectornator Sticker Pack.

#3 Place

Third place will receive a $50 Amazon Voucher and the Vectornator Sticker Pack.

A lot of times brands host “giveaways'' where they’ve already chosen the winner ahead of time (it’s usually someone with a lot of followers). But we don’t want to do things that way. That’s why we’re using Gleam.io to make sure that this contest is truly a random giveaway.

To enter, simply go to the Giveaway link. There are nine different ways you can enter, and each one will give you a different number of entry points! And if you use all of them, you get 10 bonus entries, which will boost your chances of winning even more! The giveaway ends on May 1st, 2021, so be sure to enter as soon as possible!

One of the most exciting ways you can enter the giveaway is to Create Something with Vectornator. All you have to do is create or draw something that shows your style with Vectornator on iPhone, iPad or Mac, and the share it with the world with the hashtag #Vectornator! Just follow the instructions on the Gleam.io page and share your creation with the world on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

From the top-left: Owen Davey, Chen Wu, Jaye Kang, Oliver Albrecht, Samy Loewe, Uran Chen, Muhammed Sajid, Nastya Kuliabina, Aleksey Rico, Liam Brazier, Mustafa Soydan, Marta Reveires.

This was one of our biggest updates yet! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, you should!

With Quick Actions, we’ve put the contextual design tools that you need exactly where you need them.

With Quick Settings, we’ve made it easier than ever to adjust your in-app settings to align with your own personal workflow.

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