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Spice up your work by importing amazing fonts

That’s right Vectornators, your weekly Wednesday dose of useful advice has arrived! Get ready, because it’s time for the newest edition of Tips & Tricks that gives you an inside look into Vectornator.

With our newest tutorial, here’s what we’ve got brewing for you today:

Pack your favorite fonts!

One of the fun, yet weird, facts about being a graphic designer is that despite the vast collection of tons of different Typefaces, we always end up using the same select few. If you think you're also part of this addiction, you probably have a folder with all of your favorite fonts saved on your drive or cloud.

For example, I have saved a folder on my iPad with all my favorites called “fonts”.

Open the Vectornator Font Library on your iPad

On your iPad, simply swipe left from the Home Screen to get into the Settings and then Tap on the Font Library button.

importing fonts

Tap on the Upload button at the top left corner. Then, go to the folder and pick the fonts you would like to import from whenever you have them stored. Tap on it and you’re done! As simple as that. You can now see your newly added fonts in your Library.

Note: Remember that Vectornator will accept .TTF and .OTF font files. Also, the Zip folders need to be unzipped before they can be imported.

Drag & Drop

Another method is to open Files in Split View with Vectornator and simply drag and drop the chosen font files directly into the Font Library. Importing fonts has never been easier ;)

Remove Fonts

In case you want to remove any of your imported fonts, simply tap on any of your fonts inside the Library and then tap the Delete button at the top left of your screen.

Note: You can select more than one font at a time.

Breaking typography!

Calm your serifs, friends— and start improving your designs!

You can now scroll through your fonts from the Style Tab. This is alphabetically-ordered, so you will find your favorite imported fonts easily!

There’s not a lot of things that are more exciting than experimenting with all the different possibilities and combinations when designing. Now, go and try it out for yourself!

Share your designs with us, we would love to see what our awesome community is up to! ♡

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If you have more questions about importing fonts in Vectornator or any other features than feel free to contact us via Spectrum.

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