How To Explain Technical Data In A Simple & Beautiful Way

How To Explain Technical Data In A Simple & Beautiful Way

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For the last years, marketers have been discovering and using the power of data visualization for engagement. Data delivered that way have the potential to grab interest and views easier than most kinds of media.

But how exactly can you explain technical data in a simple and beautiful way? What your strategy has to gain with it? In this post, we will talk about the following topics:

  • Making complex data into something simple
  • Making complex data into something beautiful
  • Understanding why visuals matter

Turning Complex Data Into Something Simple

visualization of complex data

We now live in a world of data. That isn't the boldest statement ever, of course, but a lot of marketers forget to think about what it implies in their strategies.

If data is important in every aspect of our lives, audiences are each day eager to be well-informed within the short periods they have to consume content.

Then we have a paradox — people want more data but in less time. It is because of that scenario that visual content is thriving more than ever.

When you turn complex data into visuals, you create a media that can be read fast and easily understood. It is a modern and low-cost way of effective client communication.

The most prominent formats are charts, presentations, and infographics. With them, you can target and label data. You can process a huge amount of information into easy-to-read categories and structures. You can give them context.

The result is the kind of content that is really suited for Digital Marketing and the new expectations from the audience — information that is reliable, easy to understand, and even easier to share.

Transforming Complex Concepts Into Something Beautiful

A lot of people see the aesthetic aspect of information as something secondary. You, as a marketer, already know how short-sighted this thinking is.

When we talk about visual content, beauty isn't simply a way of getting people's attention. It is also a tool for communicating better and faster.

Good design is all about form with a function. The right use of colors, shapes, the right combination of elements can make numbers readable in a split-second.

But it is not just about conveying the information. Making beautiful data will create a closer relationship with your audience. They will not only understand the content faster but also identify it as coming from your brand.

That is why simplicity and beauty are both pillars of this strategy. They enable you to communicate with objectiveness and empathy. They do the job of a five-minutes reading in seconds.

When we think about the way we consume information right now, it is the perfect format. Visual, fast, instigating, shareable. You only need to have a goal in mind and know which kinds of visual content can get your strategy there.

Understanding Why Visuals Matter

You are now probably thinking about how to explain technical data in a simple and beautiful way and insert this kind of content into your strategy. However, before you start, we can talk a little more about why do it.

data visualization animation
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Yes, it is beautiful. It is simple. But how exactly, talking about marketing results, can this approach help you? Let's take a look at some benefits of data visualization.

Standing Out From The Competition

Text is really important in a Content Marketing plan. It is how you educate, communicate, and work your message. But we have to admit that it is the same in every blog and social media.

Doing great visual and interactive content makes your brand immediately stand out from the competition. It brings an extra flavor, an identity that is easily recognized and remembered.

That is why you should think about both sides of it — beauty and simplicity. Great graphics stick. In a race for visibility, you put your company ahead of the competition.

Getting Viewed And Getting Viral

There is no denying — visual information grabs attention quickly and effectively. It makes people stop more often to click a link, for example.

data visualisation
Project: Coding Leonardo Da Vinci by THEVISUALAGENCY
The main point here is its format. Visual data usually speaks a lot in a smaller recipient. It is easier to read and to share, perfect for social media as it is today — fast and pulverized.

With a viral aspect, visual content can spread more and bring more opportunities to convert. You can get the reach you need without investing more in paid ads and boosting posts. It is all about efficiency.

Speaking Directly To Your Audience

We talked a little about it in the first topic, but we can go deeper into this discussion. If visual data has something heavily in its favor, it is identity.

With a well-designed brand persona, it is possible to create graphics that not only simplify data but expose it in a way that really communicates with your buyer persona.

We are talking about colors, visual elements, shapes, everything that, when cohesive, can convey a unique image for your content.

Even the types of data visualization your team uses can impact your relationship with the audience. Different kinds of charts resonate with different kinds of people.

So the choice between columns, bars, lines, infographics, and interactions depends on how your audience responds to them.

A sense of identity creates a relationship. As it does with everything, visual data can give you that kind of brand-client connection quicker.

Keeping Them Coming

If you have a strategy based on attractive, easy to understand visual content, your company can become the go-to place on the internet to be informed.

More visits create relevance, which boosts backlinking and sharing, which get you better positions in search results.

explain techincal data

It is a virtuous circle that can improve your marketing strategy with a small and simple investment. All you need is to create great graphics from relevant data — and put your identity in it.

That is all we need to explain technical data in a simple and beautiful way. Now it is your turn. All you have to do is start.

But how about talking a little more about the subject? Are you doing visual content already? Do you have any questions on the matter? Leave your comment below!

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