Top 5 Hidden Features

Vectornator has a lot of great options and features that we all love to use. However, there are some hidden features that you might not have heard about that can help you elevate your creations and empower your workflow.Here are 5 of Vectornator’s hidden features:

1. Iconator

A gallery of 80k icons inside Vectornator that can be used in all your projects.

iconator in vectornator
Action Steps: Open the Library Tab, Search, Tap or drag to insert it, Edit it[

2. Templates

A gallery where you can have access to the objects you saved.

  • i.e. You can save your signature logo or a particular group of shapes you like to use and re-use.
Action Steps: Create your Shape, Save it, Delete it

3. Transform again / Duplicate and Transform again

Located at the bottom of the Arrange Tab, you will find these two buttons:Transform again will basically repeat the last action you did in Vectornator, i.e. it will always rotate the selected object to the same rotation value you set before.Duplicate and Transform again, as it says, allows you to duplicate your selected object and repeat the last action simultaneously.

  • i.e. This tool will speed your workflow when creating vector patterns.

4. Isolate Active Layer and Outline Mode

At the top of the Settings Tab, there are two switch buttons:Isolate Active Layer will focus on the Layer that you’re working on and hide all other layers from the view.


Outline Mode button will, instead, show your document elements as a wireframe so that only its outlines are visible. Think of Outline Mode as an X-ray that a doctor reads. Although just black and white, an X-ray reveals what's going on behind the scenes. Just like a doctor reads an X-ray, an experienced Vectornator user can get a better idea of how a vector file is made when in Outline Mode.


5. Add / Delete Anchor Points

This action allows you to smooth your shapes or giving them more details.


By selecting Add Anchor Points, your shape will have more points to edit.

  • i.e. Delete Anchor Points can be very helpful to further edit your traced image and easily adjust the vectors to remove the unneeded nodes.

The illustration used as an example is from@nicsquirrell.

Anna D'Addario

Anna D'Addario

Marketing Designer
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