We introduced Guides with Vectornator 2.5 Update and many of you were asking how to work with them since we’ve developed our own way to interact with them due to our Levitation UI Design.

Let’s go through the Guides together in the following step by step tutorial.

How to access the Guides Layer

At the bottom of the Layer Tab inside the Inspector, you can now find a fixed Guides layer.

Simply tapping on this layer will enable the Guides and activate a specific Action Bar (left side).

Vectornator guides in action

Creating a new Guide

Pick one tool from the Action Bar and tap it to start to draw your Guide.

Holding a second finger on the canvas while drawing will allow you to create horizontal or vertical lines.

Your guide shapes can be not just lines… but square, circle and more!

Editing Guides

Enable the Guides Layer and select your guide to editing it.

editing guides

Duplicate Guides

Duplicating your Guides will help you space the elements of your design. Simply select the guides you want to duplicate and tap the Duplicate tool inside the Action Bar, then drag and drop your guides.

duplicate guides

Hide/Show Guides

Tap the button to hide or show your guides.

hide show guides

Remember that the guides will be always displayed at the top of your design and that the elements within the Guides Layer will be always locked when drawing on the other layers.

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks article about the amazing new Layers Tab, go to take a look!

The illustration used as an example for this tutorial is from Scott Smoker. Make sure to check out our interview - Meet Scott Smoker.

– Your Vectornator Team

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