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January 8, 2020
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January 8, 2020
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As a Graphic Design software company, we thought it would be a great idea to look back on the year and reflect on some of the best graphic design work that we came across. Our team searched through lots of amazing pieces that were made with Vectornator and picked our Best Designs in 2019.

This was no easy task. The range of great work was quite diverse. For instance, some artists focused on designs that emphasize women's empowerment, some on creating sophisticated User Interfaces (UI) for apps, and others on abstract art.

Now, without further ado, here are our top graphic design picks of 2019:

Home by @muhammedsajid.n

To begin with our best designs 2019 list, this first piece comes from an amazing Illustrator in India, Muhammed. We really loved the use of bold colors in this architecturally inspired piece. Additionally, the juxtaposition of the darker natural life that is depicted with curves with the sharp straight-edged building really engages the viewer.

Vectornator Tools Used: Shapes and Grouping

Never Regular by @scottsmoker

Up next, this particular piece attracted us thanks to its use of various typefaces that are cohesively tied together by the inspirational message. “Never Regular” really capitalizes creatively on the use of fonts and their names in order to express the theme of individuality in a fun way.  Scott is an avid Vectornator user and enjoys creating fun Timelapse Videos that document the journey of his design from the beginning to end.

Vectornator Tools Used: Pen Tool, Gestures

MerMay  by @martas_reveries

The strong color-palette utilized in this dream-like piece really stood out to our design team. The “spacey scenery” and use of abstract shapes genuinely attracts eyeballs. Additionally, dive deeper and read more about how this graphic design piece was made in this detailed tutorial guide by the Serbian freelancing creator herself, Marta.

Vectornator Tools Used: Pencil Tool, Color Palette, Blend Mode.

Moon by @asaadsdesigns

We chose this to highlight that Vectornator is not just a graphic design tool for cool looking illustrations but can be used to make powerful company logos! Above all, the coolest thing about this is that Asaad from Syria designed this entirely on his iPhone which proves how easy to use Vectornator is even on smaller displays! The use of Guides and Boolean along with the reduced opacity of the logo on the starry night background has a professional aesthetic for branding purposes.

Vectornator Tools Used: Guides, Booleans.

Bonjour by @aurore.bay

Moving along, this Graphic Design piece was picked thanks to its quirkiness. The proportionally imbalanced oversized hands and feet contrasted with a normal head project a comedic feel. Furthermore, the use of yellow against the blue background makes the illustration pop. Aurore Bay is a young French illustrator who is quickly gaining popularity and believes, like us, that Vectornator will one day replace Illustrator! Read more about her here!

Vectornator Tools Used: Shape Tool, Pen Tool.

Just my Type by @albi.letters

This Lettering piece stood out for its smoothness. Clearly, the entire thing is very easy on the eyes. The blue image utilized in the background emphasizes the typography and adds nuance. German Calligraphy artist, Oliver, is the talented mind behind this creation.  

Vectornator Tool Used: Pen Tool.

Mustang by @samji_illustrator

First and foremost, the old school rough look of an American muscle car was impossibly hard to say no to when picking out our favorites. Secondly, this particular choice was definitely more influenced by the guys on our team who can’t help but admire the beauty of this rugged beast. The attention to detail in the design process which is evident with the smokey tires. Samji is the Warsaw-based artist behind the illustration. All in all, it shows how you can use Vectornator as an auto design app for iPad, iphone and mac

Vectornator Tools Used: Free Hand Tool.

Vectornator Big Bang by @jcomik

The explosion of color with the 3D element of the art essentially spilling out of the iPad was something our team really loved. Fittingly, the mash-up of several different smaller illustrations into this larger collage-esque work is very engaging and fun to look at and, as a result, is appropriately titled “Big Bang." Jaye is the creator behind “Big Bang” who hails from Chongqing and Dusseldorf.

Vectornator Tools Used: Free Hand Tool, Color Palette.

Bird App by @scallianne

Vectornator prides itself on being an all-in-one graphic design software. That’s why we loved this UI design for the concept of a Bird Watching App. It’s easy to see how simple it is to create an intuitive interface using Vectornator! Sarah, who designed this, is a passionate UX/UI designer.

Vectornator Tools Used: Artboards and Masks.

Paris with the Golden Apple by @maddastic

Thoughtful design. Artistic subversion. What is there not to love. Selecting this as one of the best designs was an absolute no-brainer. Leveraging Greek mythology and using the Golden Apple of Discord meant for the “Fairest of Them All” being bitten into by someone who doesn’t fit the conventional definition of beauty encapsulates the women’s empowerment motif perfectly. We had the chance to sit down with Maddy Zoli the talented illustrated from Italy where we discussed her inspirations and design creation processes on our blog!

Vectornator Tools Used: Masking (with an Image to add texture)

Thank You!

All of us at Linearity are very thankful to all of the creators who use Vectornator. We love our community and constantly listen to your feedback to give you the best possible design app.  A huge shout-out to all the artists mentioned in our list!

Don’t feel bad if we didn’t cover you in this post because soon you will get a chance to be part of the Vectornator Design Awards 2020!

So, download Vectornator and start designing and sharing your work on social media so we can discover you! We look forward to featuring you and giving you an award! Vectornator users played a role in making major contributions to this transformative year for design. Users around the world rely on Vectornator as a vector graphics software tool to create all types of beautiful work. Needless to say, our team is delightfully surprised every day with these new creations. Keep them coming!

P.S: We hope you enjoyed our personal selection of the best designs 2019 made with Vectornator!

If you have time, check out our Design Trends 2020 post where we talk about upcoming trends in the Graphic Design world!Please feel free to ask questions, give feedback, and share your ideas with us! We are always happy to connect with members of our community.

If you enjoy using Vectornator, please rate the App and share your review. Thank you for being part of our community! ❤️

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