In the past days, we have received many messages from new users asking for more tutorials about the basics of our graphic design software.

So, today we decided to show you how easy is to use gradients in Vectornator.

What is a Gradient?

Gradients are a range of mixed colors (two or more) to make certain elements visually more exciting and striking. Through them, we can give visual emphasis and beautify an interface in a modern and subtle way. A way to add depth and dimension to your design.

Gradient Type

The gradient choices available to you in Vectornator are the linear and the radial gradient but working with both of them is quite similar.

Linear gradients are usually the most common, where two colors appear at opposite points of an object and will blend into each other.

gradient type
On the left you see the Linear Gradient fill the square, on the right the Radial Gradient using the same colors.

Adding Gradients

After selecting your shape,tapto fill and the Color Palette will show up. Tap again to choose the type of gradient you want to apply.

adding gradients

Editing Gradients

Each of the gradient colors is represented by a circle in the Gradient Bar.

editing gradients
The selected color will have a bigger circle than the others.

Any of those circles you can:

  • tap on to set the color via the Color Picker. Updating one of these color circle will immediately update the gradient live.
gradient smoothness
  • drag to move and change the gradient smoothness
  • tap to add a new color to your gradient
new color
  • hold and drop down to remove a color
gradients hold and drop

Also, updating one of these color circle will immediately update the gradient of your shape.

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks article on how to work with Guides, go to take a look!

– Your Vectornator Team

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