Today we explore the gestures you can use with Vectornator X on your iPad.

Moving the Canvas

Use a two-finger drag to move around the document…

Gestures like the two finger drag
As you can see, the entire Vectornator User Interface disappears when interacting with the illustration.

moving the canvas

Plus, inside the Settings Bar at the top left of the Vectornator’s interface, you can see a small point moving around the zoom percentage which shows you the correct rotation of your canvas.


Zoom in&out on the Canvas

To zoom in, you can pinch outwards and to zoom out you can pinch inwards with your fingers.

Also, to fit quickly the full illustration into the canvas you can simply tap the same button inside the Settings Bar we showed you above.

zoom using the gestures

Undo & Redo

Use the two-finger tap to Undo or the three-finger tap to Redo.

Of course, you can always undo or redo by tapping the two dedicated buttons inside the Settings Bar.

undo and redo gestures

Check out also our YouTube Tutorial for this cool multitouch gesture.

Resizing objects

When selecting an element, from the Action Bar you can activate the Resizing Tool which allows you to edit the size of your object simply dragging up and down your finger from anywhere on the canvas.


Or you can use a combo gesture to resize your object: drag your finger from one of the corners of your selection and then hold a second finger to maintain the aspect ratio.

drag gestures

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks article VIP — Vector Important Principles, go to take a look!

The illustration used as an example for this tutorial is from @martas_reveries.

– Your Vectornator Team

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