Ben Barnhart

Ben Barnhart

April 23, 2021
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Introducing Gesture Controls for Quick Actions

In this article, we dive into Vectornator’s new Quick Actions feature and discuss a little-known tip for using them: Gesture Controls!

April 23, 2021
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Hey Vectornators!

Quick Actions was one of the biggest new features we released in Vectornator 4.0!

We wanted to give our users a solution for those frustrating workflows where you constantly have to switch between menus. So we created these context-dependent menus that put your Tool options right next to the object you’re working on.

The goal of the Quick Actions feature is to help you get in the “flow” of your project. We want the tools that you need to be at your fingertips when you need them. And the results speak for themselves - our users have found that their workflows have become up to 30% faster since adopting the Quick Actions feature!

But since this is a new feature, there are some aspects about it that might be a bit confusing. We want to give you a few tips and tricks about Quick Actions that might not be obvious at first glance.

Gesture Controls

The first feature we’d like to highlight is the Gesture Controls.

Some of the Quick Action options, like Opacity for instance, have an adjustable value. If you tap on these options, you’ll open up a slider that lets you adjust the value precisely.

But did you know that there’s an even faster way?

You can adjust this with a Gesture Control!

With one motion, just tap and hold on the Opacity icon in the Quick Actions bar, and then drag your finger to the left to reduce the object’s opacity, or to the right to increase the opacity.

This works with any Quick Action that has a slider control. For instance, Stack Order works just the same way. Select your object, tap the Stack Order icon, and then drag to the left or right to send that object backwards or forwards in that layer’s object stack order.

Typography can also be controlled with Gesture Controls. For instance, if you select a text box in Vectornator, you’ll be able to control your text’s letter and line spacing, as well as its kerning, all with Quick Actions. These options are sliders, which means they can be controlled with gestures! Use the same tap and drag procedure to change these settings.

Toggle Quick Actions

Also important to note - if you’re not a fan of Quick Actions, it’s easy to disable them. By default, the option to show or hide them is available in your Quick Settings menu. Just tap on the gear in the top left of your screen, then toggle them on or off. Or navigate to the Canvas Settings.

We’ve got a lot planned out for Quick Actions in the future! Keep checking back as we add new features and functionality to this time-saving tool!

We want to hear from you!

Are you enjoying Quick Actions? Let us know on social media! We want to know what tools and options you want to see in your Quick Actions bar!

And if there’s something in particular you’d like to see us implement in the future, let us know! You can use our Suggest a Feature page to send us your recommendations!

Don't forget to try out the latest version of Vectornator today!

Until next time, Vectornators.


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