Creative Tips to Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

Creative Tips to Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

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As most of us around the globe, including everyone here at Vectornator, are staying home to fight the corona outbreak, we hope that you are staying safe during this hard time and would like to pass our greetings to you and your loved ones.

Nevertheless, our Vectornator family likes to continue staying creative during this tough outbreak. We prepared a great list of fun things for you to do during your stay at home!

If you're reading this from your bed, couch, or anywhere around your house. Know that we are all in this together. We hope that our list could boost your day and motivate you to do more!

1. Keep It Clean!

It's important to be selfless during this outbreak. Doing your part contributes to keeping your loved ones safe. So, before you start drawing, Please keep your iPhones and iPad constantly clean!

Apple recommends to gently wipe the exterior with alcohol wipes or disinfecting wipes. Read more about their updated cleaning guidelines here.
On top of that, stay away from placing your apple pencil on your mouth while working.

2. Try Something New!

Now is the right time to experiment, catch a new hobby or learn something new!

So, get your iPad ready and try to explore something outside of your comfort zone. Design is quite diverse! You can practice your lettering, improve your drawing or step into the world of UI design!

This is the perfect time to expand your design skills with Vectornator.  Our workflow is optimized for different applications. Whether it is UI design, branding, websites or complex illustrations, you can start a new document today and start working!

Tip: No excuses! Don't own an iPad? Vectornator is available on both your iPhone and Mac and it includes all the powerful features from the iPad.

3. Take On a Challenge!

Speaking of trying something new, you should dedicate some of your free time to join some cool, creative design challenges from the design community. Taking on a design challenge is not only a great learning method, but it also connects your creative mind and ideas with others from around the world!

Here are two great design challenges to start with:




4. Catch Up On What You Missed!

If you want to pass the time, our editorial team has published some interesting articles that you can catch up on! Without further ado, here are the latest articles published on our blog:

The Story of Asaad: Using only an iPhone, this 19-year-old Syrian battled war with stunning designs.

Nostalgic Design Trends Of The Past: From Clippy, WordArt to Comic Sans, Here is a list of old design trends that will take you down memory lane!

Useful Websites: A great list of useful websites for your work, inspiration, design communities and color science!

Jony Ive, an icon in Design: A Look at the person behind Apple's greatest products.

5 New Design tools that you need: Absolute must-try design tools that you may not know about!

Design Trends 2020: Our picks for this year's design trends.

5. Master Your Vectornator Skills!

Another great way to make use of your time home is to master Vectornator 💪🏼 !

This list of our latest tutorials and community videos will help you understand our software down to its smallest details:

Tip: Didn't find what you're looking for? Check out our Learning Hub for more than 50+ Tutorials!

7. Use the Mouse or Trackpad On the iPad:

With iPadOS 13.4, which was released on March 24, mouse and trackpad support has officially come to iPad! Do you have a spare device?

Now you can use your Bluetooth mouse/trackpad in combination with a keyboard to have a desktop-like experience in Vectornator!

8. Keep a Well-Organized Routine

Staying at home could tempt you to slow down your lifestyle and spend hours on your smartphone. Although it's normal to use social media more with social distancing, it's very important to moderate time spent browsing social media and make better use of your precious time.

Try to keep an organized schedule to balance your work, studies and overall life during your stay at home! For example: Try to stay active by keeping the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day. So do some home workouts! Take some time off the couch.

Tip 1: If you own an Apple watch, keep on closing your rings!

Tip 2: Set up your device screen time to limit social media and certain apps. On your iPhone/iPad go to Settings > Screen Time > App Limits on devices with iOS12 and above.

Tip 3: Set up your iPhone downtime to maintain your sleep schedule by limiting your most-used apps! Go to Settings > Screen Time > Down Time on devices with iOS12 and above.

9. Do Your Part if You Can!

It's more important than ever to work together to defeat this virus. Every small act of kindness helps. We do not need to state the obvious, but please stay away from bulk buying medical supplies like masks and sanitizers and think about the doctors and medics that are in short supply. It is important to be selfless and act as part of your community and to abide by the new laws in your state/country to battle the pandemic.

Now, we need to do our part and share some charities with you that might use your help and support!‍

Here is Forbes' guide on 5 Immediate Ways To Support Italy During The Coronavirus Crisis.

If you want to do more, you can donate to one of the global funds like the UNHCR emergency fund to protect refugees from Corona or by visiting websites like Better Place or GoFundMe where you can find a lot of campaigns and funds to combat the spread of the Virus and help treat patients from around the world.

Thank you so much for reading our fun & creative tips to cure your quarantine boredom! We hope you stay safe! Don't forget to share this article with social media to spread fun and awareness to your friends and family!


Your Vectornator Team

If you have more questions than feel free to contact us via  | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Credits Illustration in the Cover by @paulacuan

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