The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

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Hey there, Vectornators!

Last month we ran a design challenge for all of our Vectornator community members.

The theme was for July 2021 was the Beauty of Nature, and we wanted to showcase some of our favorite entries here on our blog.

Don’t forget to join the next design contest if you want to see your art up here too!


illustration vector moon desert night sky
Image Source: Instagram

This beautiful scene reminds us of sunset over a lake. Is there anything better?


vector art sup ocean swimming girl
Image Source: Instagram

This lovely piece also features a sunset being enjoyed by a relaxed paddle-boarder.


vector art hourse present
Image Source: Instagram

This adorable design features a horse and a butterfly exchanging gifts!


vector art cube
Image Source: Instagram

This design is super cool - it's a cube, but each side is showing a different natural biome.


Image Source: Instagram

We're sensing a theme here - lots of sunset illustrations! This one has a super unique style that we love.


vector art crows sun electricity
Image Source: Instagram

This one depicts another sunset, but with a much more ominous tone. Great work!


komodo dragon poster vector art
Image Source: Instagram

This one is gorgeous! We love the 3D effect of the Komodo dragon's tail over the text.


vector art leafs automn fall
Image Source: Instagram

This striking piece incorporates a motif of autumn leaves with dynamic composition.


vector art woman nature animals green
Image Source: Instagram

And finally, this gorgeous illustration incorporates many different animals and aspects of nature!

Many thanks to all of our July contest participants!

All of these amazing illustrations were created in Vectornator, our powerful and intuitive vector design platform. Download it now for free to start creating your own beautiful vector illustrations!

And don't miss out on August's Vectornator Design Challenge! Our theme this month is Summer Party.

Entering the contest is easy! Just design something using Vectornator based on this month's theme, and then post it on Instagram using the hashtag #vectornatorchallenge.

Your design could be the next one to be featured on our social media and blog!

See you all next month for our next set of contest highlights!

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