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There are a few things in Design that are more personal – or more important than the use of colors.

Color can evoke emotion. People can feel happy, a sense of urgency, or simply uplifted depending on the use of colors. At the same time, colors can easily produce a positive effect in one person and may have the opposite reaction in another due to culture or just the personal preference of the viewer.  

So, it goes without saying, colors are important.

That is why we try to make this aspect of design very intuitive in Vectornator. Our Graphic Design Software gives you the possibility to use colors to fill your shapes, playing with Gradients and set your personal Color Palette in a straightforward way that is easy to follow.

Vectornator enables you to imagine, experiment and create amazing designs.

The Vectornator Color Picker is at the heart of that journey. Let’s see how it works!

The Color Picker

By tapping (or clicking) the color well for any fill, stroke or shadow, it will open the Color Picker Tab.

Action Steps: Tap the Color Well Icon, pick your color from the wheel or insert a HEX code.

You can also easily move inside the Color Well to change the color in live-preview.

Color Sliders:

Inside the Color Picker Card, you can have access to two different Tabs in which manage the:

  • RGB - Red, Green, Blue
  • HSB - Hue, Saturation, Brightness
Action Steps: Insert the 3 code-numbers needed.

We hope you were able to learn a bit more about this classic graphic design tool, the Vectornator Color Picker.

Now, go out and paint the town ;)  Please share your illustrations with us, we would love to see what our awesome community is up to! <3

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If you have more questions than feel free to contact us via Spectrum.

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