Feature Preview: Testing the New Auto Trace Superpowers

Feature Preview: Testing the New Auto Trace Superpowers

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Hello Vectornators, it’s been a while!

2022 is going to be a very busy year for Vectornator, packed with exciting updates and some ground breaking features that you have all been requesting.

Now, we don’t want to spoil all the colorful confetti 🎉, party masks 🎭, and layers of excitement 🥞 just yet, but we also wanted to give you a sneak peek at our new 4.6 update, which is coming tomorrow to Vectornator on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

We launched Auto Trace back in 2019, with the goal of helping you turn your images into powerful vectors with one tap. Ever since then, the Vectornator team has been hard at work crafting the next stage in Auto Trace’s evolution.

But let’s skip the small talk and get to the good stuff.

In this preview, we want to show you Auto Trace’s powerful new capabilities using nothing but album covers!  For that, we gathered a collection of our team’s favorite iconic album covers, which we will then trace from pixel to vector with one tap using Auto Trace’s new mode.

So let’s dive in! First up, we’ve got music’s royal family, Beyoncé and Jay Z. As you can see, the new Auto Trace mode converts these simple images into perfect vector shapes with just one tap.

But this new Auto Trace mode also works well with complex or non-linear typography, such as  No Doubt’s album, or If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Drake.

What about simple shapes, such as Ed Sheeran’s  Divide and X album covers?

Yep, it works great for those too!

And if we go a little more complex, it also manages to easily trace complex objects and graphical covers, such as Green Day’s American Idiot and Arctic Monkey AM.

But what about a more sketch-based image? To test this, we tried Grimes’ amazing sketch album covers; Go and Fairy, as well as the Sonic Youth LP.

You can also create silhouette versions of your portrait photos and get amazing results, like the examples here with Adele’s 21 and Mac Miller's Swimming.

A special thanks to the immensely talented team, Melchior, Marko, Valeriy, Leo, Igor and Luca for making the Auto Trace 2.0 dream a reality.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more Auto Trace 2.0 content and more exciting updates coming from our team soon!

(All album cover images are the property of the original artists.)

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