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In the past days, we received many messages from people who were super excited about our new Auto Trace feature. We also got some questions about the perfect use. We, therefore, decided to do a short tutorial to show you how to master this feature and get the most out of your design.

Why is Auto Trace so amazing?

Every designer probably agrees that manually tracing images takes too much time and isn’t fun at all. Our development team took it upon themselves to end this struggle. So we became the first app to offer auto-tracing.

Now you can vectorize your images with only one tap!

In the following steps, we show you in detail how to use auto-trace smoothly.

  1. Import a photo
import a photo

Tap on the Plus button on the top right corner to import an image from your gallery.

2. Unlock the image layer

unlock the image layer

Go on the Layer Tab to unlock the image.

You can always import any image on your documents, also going on the Import Tab.

3. Open the Style Tab to have access to the Auto Trace Panel.

auto trace

Select your image first.

4. With a simple tap on the Auto Trace button, without editing anything, you will have a preview of your vectorized image.

5. By moving your finger on the Maximize Number of Paths slider you will have better results with your traced image.

auto trace magic

Wait a second and the magic happens!

6. The Minimum Path Size slider lets you manage the area considered by the vectorizer. In other words, paths smaller than that will simply be ignored!

7. To further edit your traced image you can move to the Path Tab and easily adjust the vectors by tapping on the Remove Anchor Points button.

We hope you enjoy Auto Trace as much as we do and, most importantly, share your design tagging us on Social Media.

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Anna D'Addario

Anna D'Addario

Marketing Designer
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