A Glimpse into Our Mind

A Glimpse into Our Mind

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Although the future of design certainly appears to be converging towards mobile devices, designers still love their larger displays and the performance of a desktop.

We at Linearity wanted to effectively balance the present as well as the future needs of our users. While we originally developed Vectornator X for iOS devices it became quite clear that a Mac version is something that designers see as a necessity.

Our philosophy is to listen to our community and cater to their requirements. In this article, we will provide you a unique look into how and why we developed Vectornator Pro for Mac.

Our goal

The goal we strive to achieve is to create a graphic design software that makes the life of all designers easier. We, ourselves, know first-hand what it’s like to fight with hard-to-use tools that overcomplicate the design process. That’s why our highest priority is an effortless and intuitive user experience. Whenever we brainstorm ideas on how to change Vectornator, implement new features, or develop them for different devices, we measure improvement by the level of simplicity we achieve. In short, we bring more speed and power to you with every update in a simple fashion.

Designing Vectornator Pro on iPad

When the idea of a Mac version came up, both as we discussed it internally and heard back from the community, we immediately realized that we needed to prioritize its development.

We could only live up to our vision and make our product more inclusive if we integrated one of the most crucial design creation places, macOS, into the Vectornator ecosystem. As software that prides itself on the advantages of total mobility and versatility, we must give designers the freedom to work on any Apple device they desire whether that is an iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, or iMac.

In a previous article, our Design Director described a process where "you could start a detailed illustration on your Mac with your trackpad and then easily switch to the iPad to create with the Apple pencil. And in case you were away from your design workstation, you could even do some last-minute changes to your project on the small iPhone in your pocket". This new approach was central in our aim to eliminate the inefficient transition between 3 or more Apple devices into a more seamless one.

The result of this launch will be an all-in-one design experience. Vectornator’s unique features will be available on all devices and a unified user experience everywhere. Work from the office, in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

With Vectornator, anything is possible.

We can’t wait to see what you will create with the help of Vectornator.

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