Vectornator X3.4: Fixes & Improvements

Vectornator X3.4: Fixes & Improvements

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We’re always trying to make sure that your design experience is the best it can possibly be. We’ve heard your feedback and have been hard at work fixing & improving Vectornator. And now, we've got something for you.

Say Hello to Version X3.4 !

With this newest build, we have made new strides in making your life easier when designing. Check out what’s new, major bug fixes, and cool improvements below.

What’s New & Improved?

User Onboarding – Personalize your design experience right from the start with the onboarding.

This will be displayed to all users, both old and new, when they first access Vectornator after updating. Answer a few simple questions and start designing with a User-Interface that has been customized to meet your design needs!

For instance, if you just click on a few buttons about what you like, we will set up Vectornator with the right scale and theme to match your preferences.

Finally, a software that listens to what you want. You have access to the Onboarding and any changes would like to make at all times. Change your settings by going to the general Settings and then selecting Show Onboarding.

Additionally, you can run the Onboarding again or change the selected settings inside the Editor as well.

Ruler & GuidesThis critical feature has gotten better since you last used it. You can now prioritize selected objects over the interaction with guides, which is unprecedented. Further, it prevents you from creating guides on the initial selection of the artboard. This means that you will have an even easier time designing. We’ve also fixed the bugs related to the disruptive pop-ups so that they won’t bother you anymore. Additionally, we’ve also fixed rendering issues.

What Has Been Fixed?

Editor – The editor is now free of bugs. The user-reported issue with right-button clicks is gone.

Additionally, we have added a UI scale switch that allows you to have an animated & live scale update. Users will be able to activate this by going to Settings > Canvas > Zoomed Interface > On.

A few of you reported a bug concerning artboards overlapping on imported PDF documents which has also been completely taken care of.

Documents Gallery – The document gallery has also been ameliorated. Renamed document/directory will now automatically be changed! Now, you won’t face any issues with old names being displayed on updated and changed files.

Going further, exporting has also become much better. Export issues via AirDrop have been fixed to make file-transfers easier.

Figma Importer – Importing Figma files into Vectornator is now smoother than ever before. We’ve taken care of any bugs & issues concerning importing to make sure you have an uninterrupted workflow across design softwares.

Wacom Bamboo Slate – We listened to your feedback and have fixed the recognition issue with the Wacom Stylus! Use any pen you like to make your designs in Vectornator.

With Version 3.3.4 we are happy to give our amazing community of designers a much better design experience within Vectornator. We hope you are able to take your designs to the next level and create amazing work!

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