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Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. Our powerful Auto Trace tool allows you to easily transform your images into beautiful vector illustrations.
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What is Auto Trace?

Auto Trace uses a custom algorithm to turn your sketches and photos into endlessly editable vector graphics. Rather than spend hours tracing over complex designs with the Pen Tool, Auto Trace does the hard work for you. Spend your time refining the details by creating or deleting paths, editing nodes, changing colors, and much more.

Sketch it. Capture it. Trace it.

We believe that great ideas start on paper. That’s why we designed a built-in Camera Scanner that can capture your sketches and import them into Vectornator. Then, to turn your drawings into vectors, just hit the Auto Trace button.

The power of vectors, taken further.

Auto Trace works great with black and white sketches. In just a few taps, your raster drawing will become a vector graphic with infinite resolution and the ability to scale up to any size. You can also adjust the complexity and contrast settings to get the perfect level of detail in your sketch.

Bring your artwork
to the next level.

Once you’re happy with your new vector image, you can use Vectornator’s tools to bring your artwork to life. You can add shadows, blur, or even use our Unsplash Integration feature to create a background from a huge library of high-quality images.

We support iCloud Sync

Your Vectornator documents will automatically sync and save any changes you make in iCloud,
so you can easily work on them at any time, across all of your devices.

Transform photos into paintings.

Our Auto Trace feature turns any photo into a painting-like vector image – one that you can make as big as you want without any lost details. Blow it up to make a beautiful desktop background, or have it printed on a huge canvas to hang on your wall.
Sketch or Photography?

If you don’t know which Auto Trace mode to choose, don’t worry—Vectornator can do it for you! With our CoreML Machine Learning model, our Auto Trace feature will analyze your images and automatically select the “Photography” or “Sketch” mode.

Sketch Mode scans your drawings on paper and turns your pen and pencil lines into editable vector paths. This mode works particularly well with hand-drawn lettering and logos.

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Photography or Sketch?

If you’re unsure which Auto Trace mode to choose, don’t sweat it—Vectornator does it for you! Thanks to our CoreML Machine Learning model, Auto Trace analyzes your images and automatically selects the “Photography” or “Sketch” mode for you.

Photography Mode will auto-select all the tiny pixels in a raster image and transform them into vector shapes that you can edit and scale to any size.

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One tool to rule them all.

On top of providing powerful tools for creating illustrations, Vectornator is great for other design cases too. You can create user interfaces, lettering, and print designs inside Vectornator—no need to switch to another tool!

Any Questions?

What is Auto Tracing?

Auto Tracing is a process in Vectornator that allows you to transform any image into vector graphics. Our image trace technology is especially powerful when it comes to turning black and white sketches into editable vector paths. Our Auto Trace functionality can even turn photos into digital paintings with customizable brushstrokes. To understand more about why designing with vectors is a good idea, our Design Tips section is a great source of content.

What is a PNG image?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression and transparent backgrounds. The image trace technology inside Vectornator allows you to transform high-resolution PNG images into vectors. It can also do the same for JPGs.

How do I Auto Trace an image?

It's super easy. Simply import and select the sketch or photo you want to image trace and select Auto Trace in the Quick Actions tab. Our software will automatically analyze your input image and decide between "Sketch" or "Picture" in the "Type" picker section of the Inspector. Next, our tracing options allow you to adjust the complexity and contrast settings to get the perfect level of detail in your digital artwork. Finally, hit the Auto Trace button and watch your raster graphics turn into high-resolution images within seconds! Once complete, you can use the additional options and tools in Vectornator to refine your design.

How can I trace an image online for free?

There are some image trace websites that offer to convert raster graphics into vectors for free. However, the outcome isn't always as precise as you'd like. Vectornator is free to use for anyone with an iOS device, and the quality of our Auto Trace functionality is something we're proud of.

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Vectornator runs on iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 and later,
or macOS Big Sur and later (with native M1 support).